Our Services

From massive greenhouses to macro trichomes,
we deliver successful cannabis content projects
from our studio to your facility and beyond.

What We Do

We work with Licenced Producers to capture products and processes in a variety of styles. From sunlit greenhouses to on-location studios and lifestyle shoots, we know how to make products pop.

Drawing on years of legacy and legal experience at cannabis facilities, our clients trust that we know how to best communicate production processes to educate and inspire audiences.

For the sharpest, most in focus product photography and video, we setup on-location studios to capture dried flower, live plants and extracts in almost any environment.

Though the regulations can be restrictive, we know how to best navigate the challenges, producing ritualized and contextual stories that engages audiences.

How We Do It

We work with both photography and video production to offer a wide range of asset creation options, from compliant e-commerce photography to stunning brand videos that tell your story.

Types of Production
Compliant eCommerce Product Photography
Creative Stylized Product Photography + Video
360 Product Videos
Macro Photography & Video
Facility & Processes Photography + Video
Lifestyle & Brand Photography + Video

Types of Products
Dried Flower
Live Plants
Extracts & Concentrates
Edibles & Beverages
Merchandise & Accessories

Types of Assets
High Resolution Photography
16:9 Video for Web & TV
9:16 Video Reels for Instagram

Need Some Direction?

Our goal is to provide content that drives sales. Quality takes time and budget, so we're here to help figure out what content will provide the highest return on investment.

We can help strategize your next campaign or even work with you on a complete brand overhaul. Coming from a background of in-house and agency side marketing, we're confident in researching and leveraging market opportunities for existing and new brands to flourish.

Our ideal clients are looking for medium to long term relationships built on mutual respect and success.