Gas Godz Live Plants

As the legal industry evolves, having a consistent supply of unique and interesting genetics will be a serious competitive advantage. We captured these stunning

Daily Special Product Lifestyle

We love taking client products into real world locations. To support the Daily Special brand launch, we produced three on-location product lifestyle shoots at

Whistler Cannabis Product Lifestyle

Despite the restrictive regulations, there’s always a way to tell a story that connects with the audience. These photographs for Whistler Cannabis Co show

San Rafael Live Resin

Shot on-location at Aurora’s Sky facility in Edmonton, we captured super sharp macro photographs of Chemdawg OG, Delahaze, Driftwood Diesel, Lemon Rocket and Pink

Simply Bare Organic Live Rosin

Choosing one Simply Bare project to feature was difficult. Over the years we have shot at their greenhouse countless times, producing work seen on

Purejuana Live Plants

We remember this shoot being one of the most enjoyable but also the most demanding. We captured eleven plants over the course of two

Earthwolf Farms Concentrates

It was a pleasure to capture the entire Earthwolf Farms product lineup to aid marketing and trade efforts. Earthwolf Farms produce some unique products,
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